Drug Discovery Consulting Services


Our AI-based approach and methodology enables large-scale exploration and analysis of chemical and biological space, speeding up the identification and optimization of new chemical entities.


Based on our expertise, computer-aided drug design accelerates hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead profile optimization to speed delivery of advanced new lead candidates.
Our consulting service provides access to a diverse scientific team with extensive experience working in pharmaceutical research.


With CancerAppy’s cutting-edge technology, we can help you address your most demanding molecular design needs, in areas such as target validation, inhibitor identification, data management, and structure and ligand-based drug design.


Our goal is to help you reduce the cost and time of discovering and validating new drug candidates for your therapeutic goals.

"CancerAppy helps you to think outside the box. With our integration of big data and artificial intelligence we provide you novel hypotheses to optimize your compound."

– CancerAppy Team-

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