Our Therapeutics Pipeline

Current research works

Since the beginning of 2022 CancerAppy has focused on the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets in cancer.

  • Has identified CA01 as therapeutic target in triple negative breast.
  • Also has identified CA02- CA03, two membrane proteins that are upregulated in NSCLC with K-RAS G12C mutation and has patented their use as targets to vectorize compounds against these tumors, or as surrogates for immune activation, to select patients o explore combinations with new immune therapies.
  • Regarding the use of transforming growth factor CA04 as a membrane therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer.

All this thanks to the development of our AI platform in collaboration with our scientific advisors.


Discover, validate and develop Pipeline

Accelerating oncology R&D from target discovery to licensed patents through AI-powered data, workflows, and scientific knowledge at each step.

Current Reseach Projects



Preclinical development

Clinical Phase

Target Identification

Target Validation

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IND enable

  • CA01 – TNBC
  • CA02-03 Lung cancer
  • CA04 Pancreatic cancer