Our Therapeutics Pipeline

Current research works

Our current research works

In Silico – In Vitro – In Vivo

Since the beginning of 2022 CancerAppy has focused on the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets in cancer.

All this thanks to the development of our AI platform in collaboration with our scientific advisors.


Identified a Therapeutic Target in Breast Cancer Triple Negative with clear oncogenic role.


Identified CA02- CA03, two membrane proteins that are upregulated in NSCLC with K-RAS G12C mutation and has patented their use as targets to vectorize compounds against these tumors, or as surrogates for immune activation, to select patients o explore combinations with new immune therapies.


Developing CA04 an Antibody and Antibody Drug Conjugates against Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Cancer, with clear oncogenic role.


We have identified insilico, several compounds as inhibitors of CA05, which is a protein kinase overexpressed in various types of tumors with a clear oncogenic role and no type-specific inhibitor, and we have started in vitro trials to select a lead.


Thanks to the funding received from the CPP22 program we are developing a PROTACs for a target in TNBC.

Current Research Projects


In Silico Discovery

Pre-Clinical Phase – Non GLP

Lead to Candidate

Preclinical Phase – Pre IND

IND-enabling Studies

  • CA01 – Solid Tumors
  • CA02-03 Solid Tumors
  • CA04 Solid Tumors Ab
  • CA05 Solid Tumors SM
  • CA07 Solid Tumors – PROTAC

The rapid growth of the internal pipeline demonstrates the great drug discovery capabilities driven by the use of our AI platform.

Likewise, our partners and collaborators take advantage of our technology and high scientific knowledge to increase and accelerate their initiatives for the discovery and development of new drugs against cancer.

Target Identification

We combine our expertise in biology and AI to identify new therapeutic targets.

Lead Identification

We combine our expertise in chemistry and AI to identify new chemical compounds with the potential to be novel inhibitors of therapeutic targets.

Mechanism of action

We can find the possible mechanism of action of a compound.

The programs below are progressing into the early preclinical stage.

However they are programs that are available under CDA.

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