We use artificial intelligence (AI) to empower scientists to reveal new insights from data, helping to accelerate the discovery and development of new cancer therapies.

We have proven our success

The Cancerappy Platform has generated all the drug programs in our portfolio, focusing both on the validation of new targets and on groups of compounds such as PROTACs and nanotechnology, in close collaboration with innovative academic centers.

CancerAppy is a biotech specialized in the field of cancer research, focused on the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets, based on its own artificial intelligence methodology


Cancer: a global problem

Cancer is a global problem and the identification of novel therapies is an urgent need. Unfortunately, drug development is a long lasting and expensive process with a high risk of failure.

Incorporation of targeted therapies challenge physicians and healthcare providers to adapt their systems to provide an easy and sustainable access to personalize medicine.

Better medicines for a personalized care

CancerAppy aims to resolve this problem by de-escalating the risk of drug development helping healthcare providers to optimize and improve their services.

By using big data, machine learning and biology at a global scale, CancerAppy seeks to enable better medicines for a personalized care. 

We do work at four different scales in an integrated manner by using global biology data, therapeutic structural efficacy information, machine learning and real world patient data.


Our style: Where science meets artificial intelligence

Our team at CancerAppy is highly diversified, with practical experience, profound knowledge and subject matter expertise in oncology research, patient care and computer science. This enables us to provide cutting edge solutions, using science and artificial intelligence, at a global scale to hospitals, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and a wide range of players involved in patient care and cancer research.

Transforming the world of cancer research

With our platform we fill the gap between basic data and pharma intelligence tools. Our mission is to empower scientists, researchers, physicians and healthcare providers with the global benchmark in cancer research and patient treatment. This will let us transform the world of cancer research and eventually improve the lives of millions of people, globally.


Target Identification

We combine our expertise in biology and AI to identify new therapeutic targets.

Lead Identification

We combine our expertise in chemistry and AI to identify new therapeutic targets.

Mechanism of action

We find the possible mechanism of action of a selected compound.

Thanks to our deep knowledge and expertise in oncology and AI, we use a massive amount of multimodal data in our state-of-the-art AI algorithms, helping to identify new therapeutic targets, identify lead compounds, and determine the mechanism of action of a given compound. as well as possible drug combinations.

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Our AI Platform comprises of DrugOptimization to identify and validate novel targets and/or identify the mechanism of action of a compound, DrugCombination to explore potential drug combinations providing a score for the mixed drugs, and GeneReport which is a personalized treatment matched application that permits score predicted treatments with patient genomic actionable information.


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ATG symbio Spain

ATG symbio Spain

Cancerappy participated in the II international congress organized by ATG Symbio Spain that was held inBarcelona at the Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) on July 1 and 2, 2023.Our CEO had the opportunity to present our company and show our latest advances in the NMEs...

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