We use artificial intelligence (AI) to empower our scientific team to reveal new insights from data, helping to accelerate the discovery and development of new cancer therapies.

We have proven our success

The Cancerappy Platform has generated all the drug programs in our portfolio, focusing both on the validation of new targets and on groups of compounds such as PROTACs and nanotechnology, in close collaboration with innovative academic centers.

CancerAppy is a biotech specialized in the field of cancer research, focused on the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets, based on its own artificial intelligence methodology


Cancer: a global problem

Cancer is a global problem and the identification of novel therapies is an urgent need. Unfortunately, drug development is a long lasting and expensive process with a high risk of failure.

Incorporation of targeted therapies challenge physicians and healthcare providers to adapt their systems to provide an easy and sustainable access to personalize medicine.

Better medicines for a personalized care

CancerAppy aims to solve this problem by reducing the risk of drug development, discovering and developing new, more effective and less toxic therapies.

We combine high scientific knowledge in biology, in chemistry,
in computer science, with rapid validation in the laboratory, and
always with the objective of solving a clinical need.


Our style: Where science meets artificial intelligence

Our team at CancerAppy is highly diversified, with practical experience, profound knowledge and subject matter expertise in oncology research, patient care and computer science. This enables us to provide cutting edge solutions, using science and artificial intelligence, at a global scale to hospitals, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and a wide range of players involved in patient care and cancer research.

Validation Pipeline

Our AI-driven approach has allowed us to discover and begin developing promising cancer drug programs.


Thanks to our deep knowledge and expertise in oncology and AI, we use a massive amount of multimodal data in our state-of-the-art AI algorithms, helping to identify new therapeutic targets, identify lead compounds, and determine the mechanism of action of a given compound. as well as possible drug combinations.

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Our CEO Luis Martín Ezama will be attending the #Meet2win23 event 11th and 12th of May, exposing the characteristics of our pipeline of new cancer drugs. We are developing first-in-class antibodies and small molecules against solid tumors.

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