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The Cancerappy Platform has generated all the drug programs in our portfolio, focusing both on the validation of new targets and on groups of compounds such as PROTACs and nanotechnology, in close collaboration with innovative academic centers.

CancerAppy is a biotech specialized in the field of cancer research, focused on the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets, based on its own artificial intelligence methodology

We have developed solutions that allow us to be more efficient and precise in the discovery of small molecules.

We work in the early stage of the Drug Discovery Value Chain.

From the initial analysis of the Target to the preclinical phase

Target ID & Validation

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, we work on identifying new potential oncological targets.

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Hit discovery

We found potential hits from extensive libraries containing up to 1B of compounds in a fast way.

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We sieve the results obtained based exclusively on scientific criteria to eliminate negative results and reduce the number of false positives.

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Lead Optimization

We optimize the structure of the selected lead to improve its on-target activity while reducing its off-target interactions.

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Preclinical Development

Each of the potential leads found in silico is tested in vitro internally, to validate the computational results.

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Thanks to our deep knowledge and expertise in oncology and AI, we use a massive amount of multimodal data in our state-of-the-art AI algorithms, helping to identify new therapeutic targets, identify lead compounds, and determine the mechanism of action of a given compound. as well as possible drug combinations.

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