In the early stages, 97% of drug development fails.

In the early stages, 97% of drug development fails.

In the early stages, 97% of drug development fails.

The discovery and development of a new cancer drug is a long, costly, and high-risk process.

The estimated time to develop a new cancer drug exceeds 10 years, costs 2 billion EUR or more, and yet only 4% of the new molecular entities that are created from preclinical research will become an approved drug.

And remember that cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, with more than 18 million new cases and almost 10 million deaths per year.

Therefore, there is a pressing need to reduce the failure rate in the discovery and development process of new cancer drugs.
Looking at the entire drug discovery and development process, at CancerAppy, we particularly focus on the very early stages of the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets in cancer.

Because the highest level of risk pertains precisely to the early stages, from target identification to pre-clinical development, where failures rates may amount up to 97%.

Our solution combines AI powered data with, deep AI knowledge, adn deep scientific knowledge to develop an “end to end” platform that enable researchers and scientists to identify novel therapeutic proteins, validate novel targets, and eventually discover new cancer drugs with enhanced speed, accuracy, and success.

We can say Cancerappy platform is a failure reduce machine

What is the impact of our platform?
The therapeutic targets we discovered and validated using our platform have proven that our platform substantially reduces time and resources in the target validation stage, from 4 years down to just 2.

We are currently handling more than 3 million compounds, more than 25K genes, 400 different tumor types, and a massive amount of cell lines,

So from the beginning until now, our solution has reduced uncertainty when considering the number of inhibitors identified, and our prediction score has increased massively, from initially 8% to a 24% success rate in target validation.

Share the story of our progress with your colleagues and friends and inspire more scientists to contribute to this exciting field.

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CancerAppy was present at Anglonordic 2022. An event in which we had the opportunity to contact investors and companies in the biotechnology sector and present our research projects.




This week we are attending Meet2win and Cancerappy will have an active participation in the parallel meeting of New Aquitaine/Basque Country/Navarre At Biohealth Industry Meeting, presenting our company and looking for partners and researchers with whom to expand our work.




CancerAppy is pleased to announce that some new applications are now available in their proprietary platform.

One of them is the GeneReport tool, a personalized treatment matched application, that permits score predicted treatments with patient genomic actionable information.

Oncologists and physicians involved in cancer care, can easily match genomic information from patients with therapeutic options given alone or in combination. GeneReport provides the full information that a healthcare provider need to know to offer the maximum quality care.

GeneReport can reduce time, increase accuracy and help to select the best therapeutic options from all FDA approved drugs independently of the type of cancer, based on the patient genomic information. It is a necessary tool for physician teams involved in the treatment decision-making process of cancer patients. 

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Meet Sarah…

Meet Sarah…

Meet Sarah.
She’s a scientist who does research on medications that treat cancer. Now Sarah’s a busy woman, so she doesn’t have the 21 hours a day it would take to read and process all the new information that comes out about cancer everyday.

But luckily for Sarah, we’ve got a solution for that: CANCERAPPY.

Cancerappy analyzes, organizes, and synthesizes all the information a cancer researcher needs, providing a holistic vision and saving valuable time and resources. 
Cancerappy works because we created our own algorithm using artificial intelligence and these are things it gives us:

-Health Care Solutions
-Best Personalized Treatment
-Optimal drug development

Cancerappy provides unique value through the precise metrics it offers through big data and artificial intelligence which helps oncology professionals like Sarah make better decisions, save time, and increase the quality of care for any cancer patient.