Target Validation

Identify and validate novel targets by integrating genomic, transcriptomic and functional genomics using ML / AI data.

Identify novel genes, networks and biological functions involved in the oncogenic process and with druggable potential in a specific tumor dependent context.

Step 1 – Gene or list of genes of interest.

Select your gene or list of genes of interest (target or biological pathway). 
We can customize this process to help you identify novel candidates in a specific biological scenario.

Step 2 - Match the uploaded data with our databases.

We use proprietary algorithms to match your genomic data with our datasets considering the biological network in a specific tumor dependent context.

Step 3 - Match the generated results with therapeutic opportunities and clinical efficacy.

Genomic data is matched with potential therapeutic options, patient survival and clinical efficacy of the identified compounds.

Step 4: Generate your report

We provide a comprehensive report that contains a biomarker list, potential combinations and options for clinical development. 
The information is customized to fully satisfy the necessities of the scientist.


Discover or optimize your target in a matrix environment by linking genomic data with chemical entities and therapeutic opportunities using big data.


Our platform with its built-in proprietary AI algorithms matches drug sensibility, genomic data, functional analysis, drug-bank data and clinical outcomes.

We provide molecular biology-drug information and patient data at a global scale.


We apply artificial intelligence and big data analysis to de-risk and accelerate the processes of drug discovery and development. We help to identify novel targets.

"CancerAppy helps you to think outside the box. With our integration of big data and artificial intelligence we provide you novel hypotheses to optimize your compound."

– CancerAppy Team-

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